Coming after several social media users called out Sapphire Scents CEO, Wale Jana for Alleged fraud, popular activist and legal practitioner, Segalink has taken up the case.

According to Segalink, Wale did not intentionally defraud the investors, but he lacked exit plans and intentionally blocked investors after the business went South.

Segalink revealed he was going to carryout an Investment Debt and An Independent Action for Recovery on Wale.

He shared the sreenshots below and captioned it: “PRESS RELEASE
ACTION ON MR WALE JANA (Sapphire Scent). (Investment Debt and An Independent Action for Recovery)”

“Distinguished All, we will soon be calling for claims and you will have the opportunity to state yours while we work towards getting you your capital back. Do keep in touch and stay tuned. Regards ”

See reactions below…

“pls sir don’t forget to sell his wife wig, and shoes join. Sell all his Gucci and Versace too including his pastor own”

“I’m a pregnant woman sir, wale has been giving my number out to different men to threaten me on top my millions of naira”