Controversial business man and CEO of Sapphire Scents, Wale Jana has taken to social media to apologize to his investors.

This is coming after Wale Jana’s business crumbled and investors’ money got tied up.

Wale Jana blames poor decision making and business strategies crumbled his business.

Recall that popular activist and lawyer, Segalink picked up the case and moved to start up an independent recovery process to pay up the creditors.

According to Segalink who carried out an investigation on the matter, Wale did not intentionally defraud the investors, but he lacked exit plans and intentionally blocked investors after the business went South.

Revealing that an Investment Debt and An Independent Action for Recovery will be carried out against Wale Jana, Segalink shares a Press Release and wrote:

ACTION ON MR WALE JANA (Sapphire Scent). (Investment Debt and An Independent Action for Recovery)”

“Distinguished All, we will soon be calling for claims and you will have the opportunity to state yours while we work towards getting you your capital back. Do keep in touch and stay tuned. Regards ”


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