Multiple award winning singer, Adekunle God has revealed that he is not waiting for the federal government to do anything about the death of 22 year old Microbiology student of the University of Benin (UNIBEN), Uwaila Omozuwa who was raped and killed in a church.

According to the 33 year old, waiting the government to do something about the unfortunate incident will end in disappointments. Adekunle Gold however disclosed that he is hurt and his heart is bleeding about the death of Tina who was hit by a stray bullet and Uwa who was raped and killed.

He added added that these two lives were cut short by men who believe women should be exploited not protected.

Read all he said below;

“My heart bleeds. Uwa and Tina’s lives have been cut short because we’ve raised and enabled a generation of men who believe women should be exploited not protected.
We’ve enabled powerdrunk senseless men with uniforms and weapons.
We are not allowed to sit down there and say “not all men” fuck that! All men are responsible. Your brother’s heart is desperately wicked and you have enabled it, wether in catcalling or in objectification. We have enabled it. Not waiting on the government to do anything, don’t want to set myself up for further disappointment.
I pray we raise better sons and enable better men.”