On Wednesday, a 60-year-old man, while waiting in a queue to withdraw money at an Automated Teller Machine gallery, slumped.

The unfortunate incident, which occurred around 11.30am at the ATM gallery of a first generation bank on the Nnebisi Road, in Asaba, Delta State created panic among bank customers in the queue.

Many of the bank customers ran away because of the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, some of the customers summoned courage and assisted in reviving the frail man.

The man, who refused to mention his name, told sympathisers that he was sick and had just returned from hospital.

He said, “I am not feeling too well. I am just coming back from hospital and decided to stop over to use the ATM to withdraw some money.

“The queue is too long and I have been in it since morning and I’m diabetic. I live in Ibusa with my family. I came to Asaba for treatment.”

Sympathisers assisted the man to contact his wife on the telephone since he could barely walk