A Nigerian mother identified as Chiamaka Sylvia has accused the CEO of Cabyde Group of Companies, Ikechukwu Amaliri of gang-raping her alongside with his friends.

According to Chiamaka Sylvia, the prominent businessman, Amiliri, his friend Emeka (Diddypieememcx) and others gang-raped her 15 years ago.

Narrating how the alleged incident occurred in Owerri, the capital of Imo state, Chiamaka said “they took turns to tear her apart and slapped her while they did,”.

She added that at some point during the alleged sexual attack, “Emeka had his penis in my mouth while another continued to rape me.”

Chiamaka who uploaded a photo of IK Amaliri wrote: “It’s been over 15 year this beast and his cohorts gang raped me. I hope he hasn’t been doing the same to women out there.”

She added: “The evening IK AMALIRI and his cohorts gang raped and dehumanized me still make me question humanity…. They took turns to tear am me apart, they slapped me while they did, at one time , one of them @diddypieemecx Emeka, had his penis in my mouth while another continued to rape me.

“I didn’t deserve it , that was too mean !!!!! Ik Amaliri started this wicked act first and while , his friends watched him struggle with it , he was shouting this one na V oh this one na V !!! Nothing touched his to stop and allow me go!!!!

“Why are humans so wicked why?

“I hope he hasn’t been doing this to more women!!! I hope one day he gets caught up with his evil deeds.

“Now that I had children of my own , I am so scared for them. @cabyde”.

Some Nigerians have reacted to the issue and claimed to be aware of the allegation before the revelation.

One of the commenters said she knows another woman who was their victim.

A medical doctor said she was aware of Chiamaka’s alleged gang-rape back then in Owerri but they didn’t have social media to call IK Amaliri and others out at the time.

Reacting to the allegation, Senator Philip Ejiogu, who is the Imo State House of Assembly Member representing Owerri North State Constituency, said he will look into the matter since he is friends with the accused, IK Amaliri, and the alleged victim is a member of his constituency.

Senator Ejiogu wrote: “This is just so sad. The lady in question is from my constituency and constituent. I guess I’ll have to take this matter up and speak up for her.”

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