Movie producer and actor, Ikechukwu Samuel Onyebuchi, has called for justice after he was reportedly tortured and robbed by police officers in Delta State.

According to the actor, he and other of his colleagues were on their way to a movie location when they were arrested by SARS along Asaba/Benin Expressway (Onicha Ugbo). They requested for their phones and searched but found nothing incriminating.

They dragged them to their Toyota Space Bus and drove them to Agbor. They were handcuffed, forced to confessed to be cult members and later forced to a POS operator where they withdrew Two hundred and Four Thousand Naira (N204,000 ).

Sharing photos and narrating his ordeal, he wrote:

“I’m Ikechukwu samuel Onyebuchi, I am a movie producer and an actor, on my way in asaba to a location for movie, some SARS men stopped the transport I and two of my friends entered. After searching and found nothing with us , they took us on their car ask d other of my team to go, took us to an uncompleted building then beat us and force the both of us to do a video that we are cultists and they collect 200 thousand from us at a pos store at agbor before letting us go.”

However, an independent organization has taken up the case and is ready to go to any lawful length at  to insist on the application of the rule of law in this case and every other situation that concern the Police force.