Former Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi, once revealed that he has always told God he wants to die at the age of 70.

Ajimobi stated this during an interview with Splash FM some weeks before he was hospitalized.

He fell ill after contracting the deadly coronavirus. Sadly his health continued to deteriorate and he never recovered.

From a video of his that has now emerged, he clearly relished reaching 70, saying it was enough if he did.

According to Ajimobi, his father died at 69, just two months before clocking 70. Therefore, he always prayed to God to let him reach 70, saying once he reached 70, it was enough for him.

However, he went on to reveal that once he attained 70, he started praying to God again to let him reach 94.

Watch the video below if you understand Yoruba:

Ajimobi served as a senator before going on to become the Governor of Oyo state for two tenures. Thereafter, he sought reelection into the senate again, which he didn’t win.

He was the deputy National Chairman of the APC and was tipped to succeed Oshiomhole as National Chairman prior to his death.