Celebrity bar man and Linda Ikeji’s younger sister, Sandra Ikeji have both taken to social media platform, Instagram to fight and rain curses on each ther’s families.

This is coming after Sandra accused Cubana Chief Priest of “doing too much” in the comment section of one of his posts. Cubana Chief priest responded with curses on her parents.

Sandra returned the “pleasure” to his children and generation, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

See a screenshot of the brouhaha below…

Cubanna Chief Priest then accused her of being angry with him for not attending her wedding. According to him, Sandra’s husband didn’t invite him with a drink which is against their culture.

Replying him, Sandra called him a dirty celebrity who she would never invite to her wedding. She also tagged him a “Servant”.

She wrote:

@cubana_chiefpriest Stop telling people to call me, I am not your friend and I don’t intend to be one. I usually don’t ‘ve time for this but First, You insult my parents, then my husband, You nor dey fear ooo, make my husband carry drink come invite boy boy like you for our wedding? Are u blind?

“You nor dey look face? You must provide the video of my husband drinking at ‘ur table for free, infact I am waiting for the video of both of u at the free table at the club you do boy boy with, he doesn’t even know you, how can he invite a dirty low life like you, maybe he visited the club with his friends …big deal, but all bill was paid, anyway thank your stars you din’t come, I for bounce you and your dirty generation if I had seen you at my wedding, Use drink invite u keh?

“Say who or wetin you be ? bar man? remind me again, u nor reach my dear, work harder.

God forbid. tufiakwa.. @cubana_chiefpriest I don talk pim again bring the video of both of u at the club out now…u wonna threaten me by sending dms ? Helloooo…go ask abt me..dirty man forming celebrity.