The Nigeria police has denied detaining Seyitan Babatayo, the lady who came forward about being allegedly raped by D’banj.

A police representative who spoke to Vanguard, said D’banj reported on three separate occasions at FCID for interrogation and statement. However, it was said Seyitan repeatedly refused to show up.

Her alleged refusal to show up led to the dispatch of officers by the Force CID to invite her for written statement and interrogation on the alleged rape incident.

The police source insisted that there might be a mix up by the legal representative of Seyitan over claims of being arrested and detained by Police operatives at Ikeja in Lagos for 24 hours.

It was insisted that Seyitan was only invited to give her written statement and also to be interrogated to back up her accusations against D’Banj.

However, this is quite opposite the statement made by Seyitan. Seyitan said she was arrested, detained, intimidated and forced to take back her accusations against the singer.

In other news, Within Nigeria had earlier reported that the Inspector General of Police ordered the probe of police officers who arrested and detained Seyitan.