Help has come for the Nigerian man who was captured and tortured by a dreaded Pakistani gang after his “brother” named Andrew used him as collateral and absconded without paying the gang back.

A group of wealthy Igbo men have now come to his aid and are willing to pay to get him his freedom.

In a video shared online, the Igbo men, one of them a US-based man, explained that they’ve spoken with Nuruz – the head of the Pakistan gang, the group also revealed that Nuruz promised to be fair to the Nigerian captive and he will preserve his life. They added that among themselves, they will raise Nuruz’s money and get the Igbo man back home.

Relax your mind, we’ll raise the money, the men promised.

In the video recorded for the Nigerian man to view, they told him to relax his mind and stop fretting because they are working to get him out. They said Nuruz gave them his word that he will not kill him if payment is made.

Watch the video

Recall that the Nigerian man earlier cried and explained that he will be killed on July 10 if Andrew does not pay back what he owes the gang. He then begged his uncle to sell everything they have and pay a man named “Nuruz” (read here).

Reacting to the harrowing video, NIDCOM said the Nigerian mission in Islamabad, Pakistan, has escalated the issue for investigation.