The erstwhile Theater Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, identified as Major General Olusegun Adeniyi, will face a court-martial.

And the reason is that a video circulated of him a few months, complaining bitterly about inferior ammunition and wrong intelligence given to troops prosecuting the war on terror in the North-East caused by Boko Haram.

Adeniyi was among 886 officers the Army redeployed on Tuesday.

In the video in March, he was shown among forlorn troops after a battle with insurgents, stating that many soldiers and equipment were lost as the insurgents attacked from “every flank with not less than 15 gun trucks.”

However, he stressed that the troops remained committed to the fight in spite of the challenges.

The video sparked outrage, especially on social media, with many commentators accusing the Buhari presidency and military authorities of lying to Nigerians about the true state of the counterinsurgency operations.

On April 1, Adeniyi was redeployed as Theater Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole to the Nigerian Army Resource Centre (NARC) as a Senior Research Fellow, a move touted as a form of punishment for the incident.

In Tuesday’s postings, Adeniyi was moved again from the NARC to the Army Headquarters, both in Abuja.
The Army said he was moved “for jurisdiction”, which Premium Times reported Wednesday, quoting unnamed military sources, means to face a court-martial

According to insiders quoted by the reputable online newspaper, the Army deliberately allowed the controversy to die down before hauling the major general before the court-martial.