Former Youth Pastor, who is now a Nigerian LGBTQ activist, Dan Yomi, has stressed that no one can pray away the gay spirit in anyone.

According to him, he spent time as a Youth Pastor praying to God to deliver him but he was never delivered from the spirit of homosexuality.

Speaking, Yomi who came out as a gay man in October 2018, made this known on his Twitter handle today July 22 as he posted photos of himself as a Youth Pastor, Yomi wrote:

”I was a youth pastor in Nigeria & a 20 year old praying for God to deliver me from the spirit of homosexuality

Those were dark times in my life & I’m glad to be in a much better place now So No, you can’t pray the ‘gay’ away & the earlier you accept & love urself, the better!”

He also posted a screenshot of a prayer he shared on his Twitter handle nine years ago where he prayed to God to ”deliver him from this temptation”