A former staff of Power Holding Company of Nigeria plc (PHCN), Engr. Mohammed Ahmadu Bello has given the leadership of Nigeria senate a seven day ultimatum to respond to the call for disbursement of the benefits of over 50,000 former staffs that were made jobless following the privatization of the power sector in 2013.

Mohammed in a new grievances video after his open letter dated June 24th 2020 that was written to Nigeria president and Senate Leaders, said the Senate has refused to respond and the Presidency who responded has not shown any action worth giving hope.

Mohammed is making pressing demands on behalf of over 50,000 Ex-PHCN Staff, that their outstanding emoluments should be paid after they have been abandoned since 2013 when the power sector was privatized.

In his seven days ultimatum, he wrote;

“Honestly speaking, this isn’t the Nigeria I dreamt of… I dreamt of a better Nigeria and not a Nigeria where the leader turns deaf ear to her citizens. How in a sane society would a poor citizen call on her leader to save his or her life and yet the leader wouldn’t respond? This is not the Nigeria I dream of.

“As a citizen I have the right to demand for my right, I have the right to hear from my leaders whenever I call unto them.

“How would a whole Presidency acknowledge my message and yet no single response from the house of Senate and house of representatives?

“The President of the Nigerian Senate. Rh, Ahmed Ibrahim Lawal and The Speaker of the House of Representatives. Rh, Femi Gbajabiamila. You both should please respond now to the open letter I sent you since 24th June 2020. You should do the needful now.

“You should please see that the issues tender in that letter are addressed and Ex-PHCN Staff outstanding benefits are settled without any further delay.

“Myself and my people (Ex-PHCN Staff) are dying and so you should without any further delay respond to my mail otherwise am giving you 7 days, (starting from 24th July 2020) to respond to my demand or else I will request that NATURE deduct my dues from the both of you.

“Note. This is not a threat but a call to do the needful, a call to action, a call to be responsible, a call to duty and a call to save over 50,000 dying Ex-PHCN Staff souls.

Watch video below;