Georgina Onuoha, a Nollywood veteran actress turned nurse, has reacted after being called out on social media for not supporting Nigerian-trained US-based doctor, Stella Immanuel who has insisted that hydroxychloroquine cures COVID-19.

This came after Georgina Onuoha shared a clip of CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper commenting on Immanuel’s claim of ‘spirit husbands’ being the cause of infertility.

She wrote;

Demond sperm, Alien DNA. Astral Sex ? Please add your own theory because at this point, I have nothing but empathy for her. She needs help. Yes some doctors do go crazy from stress, work and a whole lot. Medicine is one field of study you never graduate college from because of continuous study and tons of work. As yes practicing medicine here in America can be a Kilimanjaro hill to climb because of the enormous pressure, procedures, policies , laws , trial lawyers and a host of others they have to deal with. Practicing medicine in America is not for the faint of heart and I have tremendous respect for all clinicians.

So I have no doubt she’s lost it.
Lord have mercy.
We are on a trip here buckle up.

If a doctor or clinician begins to mingle extraterrestrial into her clinical work , please run. We have so many names for it in psychiatry.
I wish her well because something ain’t right with her.

See below:

However after a follower told the actress to protect and support her fellow ”Nigerian” instead of making her become a laughing stock, Georgina fired back by stating that Dr Stella Immanuel is not a Nigerian.

See the exchange below;