The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu has expressed his condolence over the death of Pa Ayo Fasanmi, noting that the nation had lost a man who devoted himself to progressive development and democratic advancement.

Describing Fasanmi as principled, courageous and honest, Tinubu lauded the late leader of Afenifere for never betraying the values that Chief Obafemi Awolowo was known for.

Tinubu, in a condolence message personally signed, said Fasanmi was a brave man who never deviated from speaking truth to power.

As Afenifere leader, Tinubu held that Fasanmi was a true believer in the importance of fiscal federalism as essential for the growth of Nigeria.

“A colourful personality, Papa was principled, courageous and honest. He was a loyal and dependable ally of the indomitable Chief Obafemi Awolowo. For all his life, Pa Fasanmi practised and advanced the virtues he learned at the feet of his leader. He never betrayed those values.

“Like American civil rights leader and Congressman John Lewis, who was buried today (Thursday, July 30), Papa Fasanmi remained faithful to the truth for which he suffered greatly. Yet, no matter the cost, he never strayed from his principles. A brave man, he never flinched at the prospect of speaking truth to power.

“Papa Fasanmi devoted himself toward progressive development and democratic advancement. This fine job has not been completed. The Nigeria of our dreams is still a work in progress. Papa Fasanmi struggled for that dream and supported those patriots, like President Muhammadu Buhari, who also toiled for the same goal. Let us all learn from Papa Fasanmi’s example and join hands to move Nigeria towards the safe harbour of peace and prosperity.