Kaosiso Ezibe, a Nigerian woman who was standing trial in Canada for alleged $291,000 online scam in 2019 has been acquitted of the said crime.

The 24-year-old lady based in Vaughan, Canada was charged after a woman reported a scam case claiming she was defrauded by someone she met online.

Police say that a 60-year-old woman met someone claiming to be a wealthy architect living in Toronto through an online dating website.

Between February and March, the woman allegedly started an online relationship with the architect, conversing through emails, text messages and phone calls.

According to police, the wealthy architect was a fabricated identity. Following this, a suspect was identified by the police force. This suspect is Kaosiso Ezibe.

Ezibe was taken into custody and was charged with fraud, laundering and possessing proceeds of a crime.

Kaosiso Ezibe has, however, been pronounced discharged and acquitted of the said crime after months of legal battle.