Rapper Kanye West has confirmed life coach Michelle Tidball as his vice president on Arkansas’ presidential ballot.

The Yeezy designer, 43, turned in enough signatures in the state of Arkansas to run there in the 2020 US presidential election in November.

A spokesperson for the Secretary of State of Arkansas confirmed the submission to TMZ.

According to TMZ, Kanye filed the documents to be placed on the ballot in Arkansas, confirming vice presidential running mate Michelle Tidball to the petition. And this comes one month after the rapper mentioned that Tidball will be his running mate.

In an interview with The New Yorker, Tidball’s former colleague, Mary L. Keller, said that Tidball sees herself an “online prophet.”

“We went out for drinks, and she told me about this international group of people who are in touch with the divine and discuss it with each other,” Keller said before stating that Tidball predicted that Trump would win the election. “To her, his election was evidence.”

The pair of West and Tidball may seem odd to some, but Keller believes that they are actually a match made in heaven.

“It made sense. They both believe they have direct access to God and read the world as evidence of that access,” Keller said. “The religious imagination is about the only thing that can provide language for drought, flood, fire. … I see Kanye and Michelle as the kinds of voices that people might turn to for a meaningful story in the face of climate change.”

Get Familiar With Tidball: she is a 57-year-old white woman Kanye met in Cody, Wyoming, who runs an online Bible study and works in a dental office. Tidball describes herself as “biblical life coach,” and she charges $65 for a 50 minute one-on-one session.