Popular Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas has tested positive to COVID-19.

The actor who is best known for roles in The Mask of Zorro and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, tweeted that he was spending his 60th birthday today in quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19.

Writing in Spanish, Banderas announced: “I want to make it public that today on August 10 I am obliged to celebrate my 60th birthday in quarantine after having tested positive for the Covid-19 illness, caused by coronavirus.

“I would like to note that I feel 99 relatively well, only a little more tired than usual and I put my faith in recovering as soon as possible following the medical indications which I hope permit me to overcome the infectious process I am suffering and which is affecting so many people around the world.

“I am using this isolation to read, write, relax and make some plans to give meaning to my 60 years which I reach full with desire and excitement. A big hug to all.”