A 49-year-old man identified as Christopher Muchenga in Zimbabwe has reportedly died after his lover pulled his manhood during an argument. The deceased’s family spokesperson, Margaret Kamwaza said Christopher decided to have a nice time with his lover, Mbuya Ropafadzo after he received his salary. Unfortunately, the nice time did not end well between the lovers before an argument ensued and both got into a fight.

According to online reports, the man died after his lover identified as Mbuya Ropafadzo in company of her other lover assaulted him last week.

Speaking with Margaret, She said;

“We have lost a loving brother and circumstances to his death is painful considering that he was merry making with his lover after receiving money meant to support the family. He was reported to have received money from a piece job and went to a shebeen where he hooked up with his lover. They spent the whole night and upon arriving at the lover’s house they were reported to have made noise that awakened neighbours and the lover pulled him his private parts and breathed his last.”

“It was also alleged that after Muchenga died, Ropafadzo dragged his body to the door entrance and called the police thereafter, claiming that an unknown man was found dead on her doorstep. The deceased is survived by four children.” She said