Nigerian rapper Eva Alordiah has taken to her social media page to advise religious folks to follow the examples of Christ when it comes to handling demons.

Demons are supernatural beings, typically associated with evil, prevalent historically in religion, occultism.

Well, Nigerians are known to be religious people and a lot of people dedicate the better part of their lives to issues of God and spirituality.

Some religious people in their bid to battle demons do so vocally by shouting, casting and binding.

Eva Alordiah seems to have an issue with the shouting, casting and binding idea.

This comes as the rapper cited the example of Jesus. According to her, Jesus only spoke to the demons and asked them to leave.

Eva continued by advising people to speak to their demons because they do not have to die. Instead, they should be asked to leave.

She wrote:

“The way religious folk cast and shout and bind, they forget that Jesus simply spoke to the ‘demons’ and asked them to leave. Speak to your demons. They don’t have to die die die die die. Just tell them to go.”

See a screenshot of her post below: