Tragedy as a trailer transporting empty soft drink bottles has reportedly crashed into a three-storey building in Madalla town of Niger state.

WITHIN NIGERIA learnt that the incident happened early Saturday, causing gridlock at the scene close to Zuma rock, along the Abuja-Kaduna high way.

The first trailer that crashed against the two-lane island on Thursday that allegedly caused the Saturday accident

According to an eyewitness, the trailer speeding from Kaduna axis was attempting to dodge a vehicle at a spot where another trailer crashed two days ago blocking part of the lane.

“So this truck driver who seem to be unaware about the previous accident, ended up inside the three-storey building with the head of the truck, completely in the building,” the witness said.

It was also learnt that one person who is an inhabitant of the collapsed building jumped from the last storey of the building where he stays after he was alerted by the crash.

Reports revealed that the truck driver was the first person to be rescued around one hour later while one of his two assistants was rescued around 10.45 am.

The road was opened to motorists after a towing van that could not help the situation was taken off the road

Volunteers and a number of security personnel are engaged in the rescue operation and efforts to rescue the last person are still ongoing.