Yahaya Bello, governor of Kogi, says he still uses his private vehicles even as the number one citizen of the state.

Speaking on a Channels TV programme after the supreme court affirmed his mandate as the truly elected governor of the state, Bello said he will strive to give his best in office.

He also promised not to betray the trust reposed in him by the youth

“Starting from myself as the executive governor, my deputy, and all other government officials, it will interest you to know that a lot of us are still using our private vehicles,” he said.

“A lot of us have forfeited and forgone our personal entitlements. Like me personally, a lot of vehicles that I use today are my personal vehicles. I didn’t come into the office to meet or inherit some of these things.

“Go to the government house today, if you know the Kogi state government house, see how it is run today, and the look, compared to when we came into office.

He added that as “a role model to so many millions”, he will always strive to meet the expectation of the youth and the people of the state.

“I will never betray the trust that the younger generation and the youths reposed in me in steering the affairs of Kogi state and moving forward,” he said.

“I know today that I am a role model to so many millions. I will try as much as possible to do my best and my best will be good enough for our people.”

On the achievements of his administration, Bello said he has been able to touch every local government area in the state.

“There are several projects going on, I can’t mention all of them, and there are still more coming,” he said.

“In fact, that was what propelled the people of Kogi state to vote for me en masse in a way that has never been before.

“I don’t have the catalogue of what we have done so far in the last four years that propelled us to come for the second term. But I can tell you for sure that there is no one single local government that we did not touch.”