A yet to be identified driver of a vehicle-for-hire company has begged Nigerian policemen to kill him as he cries in regret after killing a man while making attempt to escape arrest.

According to eyewitness who shared the now viral video on social media, the driver picked up a client and later discovered his passenger had contraband (weed) in his possession during the journey. The passenger later persuaded the driver to zoom off at a police check point to prevent them from being arrested, in the course of trying to evade arrest he knocked down a bike rider who later died within a short period after the incident.

The driver was arrested, handcuffed and placed beside the deceased behind a patrol van. Moment after his arrest, he was seen crying as he regrets how the whole incident played out.

” Mo ti payan (I have killed somebody),

“Make dem kill me naa,” the drive cries out behind the patrol van within the premises of the police station.

He went back to the corpse, shaking the dead man saying “Oga why you die for my hand”.

Watch the viral footage below;