A Nigerian doctor has taken to his social media page to narrate how a woman lost her womb and unborn baby after she rejected his advice to undergo CS.

According to Sports Doctor, the baby was too big for a vaginal birth hence the need for a CS, but the woman refused.

He took to micro blogging platform, Twitter and wrote:

“A SAD DAY AT WORK… She was in her mid 20’s, petite young lady when she came in holding hands with her very young husband to register for ANC… This was her second pregnancy and scan has revealed baby is big and she can’t deliver vaginally on her own”

“After explaining the scan findings to them Couple: That’s why we are here, we already know ANC went on for months until the 8th month just few weeks to the booked day to the surgery… Me: Nne hope you’re getting ready to see Duduke? Woman: Doc, I don’t want C/S again ooo”

“I was shocked to my marrows, I started explaining again but she was hell bent…told her to come with her husband next time, she said ok and left That was the last I saw of her, I kept calling and she never picked but guess who they brought in as emergency yesterday night”

“It was this lady, looking white because she was bleeding massively, rushed to the theatre to find out her uterus(womb) has been torn to shreds where she was trying to deliver on her own! The baby too was gone and at the end of the day, we had to remove the womb to save her life!”