Angry mob have lynched two armed teenage robbers after rading a Supermarket named Sunnytex along Marian road, opposite Lion’s park, around 9:00 pm on Monday, September 21, in Calabar, the capital of Cross River.

WITHIN NIGERIA learnt that the late night robbery failed after residents around Sunnytex Supermarket noticed suspicious movements, raised an alarm and went after the armed youths immediately they exited from the Supermarket.

Narrating the incident, an eyewitness disclosed how they laid siege on the robbers, said “When we noticed that the boys were robbing, we decided to lay siege and accost them, we were not afraid because we discovered they had locally-made gun.

“Immediately they came out from the supermarket the mob went after them, and raised the alarm, funny enough, one of them too joined the mob in shouting “thief ooo” not knowing that he has been marked already.

“Two ran through a nearby street while the one who joined us in raising alarm wanted to escape via Rabana roundabout , he was apprehended and lynched.

“While the other was also lynched and set ablaze,

“The third person is still at large as some people have already gone after him and I believe he will be apprehended too because everyone around at alert as we speak,” he said..

Lamenting about the incessant robbery in the community and the age of the boys, he said “The people in the area have suffered a lot in the hands of these boys and when you look at them, you will see they are just teenagers, but it’s unfortunate they are involved in armed robbery, I believe there are charms around their neck and waist.”