Nigerians on social media have reacted to the rate at which Remi Tinubu’s 60th birthday pictures dominated Nigerian Newspapers. The video of a man showing how Remi’s picture took over a News paper’s pages is presently going viral on the internet.

Recall that the former first lady of Lagos state celebrated her 60th birthday on the 21st of September. This caused many well wishers especially those in power to display their love from with PDAs on the pages of the Newspapers, leaving readers to a gallery of photo album instead of the actually News they paid for.

Below is a video of the pages of one of the newspapers, The Nation

See how some Nigerians are reacting to this;

@Gbademosi wrote “Absolutely the company will make their cool money, but to what information is for those who bought the news paper with their hard earn money, just to get informed and know what’s happening across the country please? Do they buy the paper just to read 3-4pages of news and the rest instastory or birthday s/o of one and same person?

Sentiment aside, it’s disgusting for thr company to have sold such paper out, maybe could have been free then because it looks more only birthday wishes and i am sure if anyone want to be entertained, they would have gotten entertainment paper like Ovation or something and not waste their money to buy those thinking they will get important information.”

@Taiwo wrote “But people paid the paper to advertise. It’s just like saying you pay an influencer money to advertise your product? What do you expect? Bear in mind that numerous people will paid to place the ad as well. That’s how newspapers make their money and are still able to stay afloat. Especially in these days of online media. A newspaper is sold btw 100n-150n, how many people buy? I genuinely cannot fault the paper in this case”

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