Busty Nollywood actress and fashion entrepreneur, Ebun Hodo, has said she’s ready to find love again and willing to settle down with any of her colleagues.

This is coming after she had a devastating heartbreak.

The beautiful script interpreter while listing what turns her on and off in relationship says, “I don’t like men that tell me about marriage shortly after we meet. I mean, we barely know each other and you’re telling me you want to marry me. Who does that? That’s a turn off for me. I feel a man serious about marriage wouldn’t say it immediately after seeing a girl. Marriage needs serious commitment. But I love cool guys that have money and not showing off. That notwithstanding, I’m 100 percent open for marriage to whoever God leads me to. That I recently had a failed engagement is not the end of the world and not enough reason for me not to think of settling down.”

Ebun Hodo also added that she is willing to marry any of her colleagues, “the most important thing is love understanding and peace of mind.”

The fair actress maintained that she can stay lonely for long without enjoying sexual intimacy with her lover.

According to her, she’s likes the ultimate satisfaction that comes from having a private moment with the man she loves.

“I really do love sex and but I can stay long without it. The most important thing is having that someone that knows how to do it very well. Then you long for that person, miss him and have it with him whenever you guys meet. Actually, I can stay days, months without sex,” she told Inside Nollywood.