Laycon, one of the 5 housemates left in the lockdown house, has told Nengi that Ozo still loves her not withstanding his behaviour last night.

During the ultimate Saturday night party, Ozo had snubbed his supposed girlfriend, Nengi completely.

For this reason, Nengi broke down in tears and complained bitterly to Laycon.

Many believe that Ozo, who was evicted from the reality TV show last Sunday, may have seen how Nengi moved on quickly after he left the house and decided to move on too.

But advising Nengi, Laycon said, “You are not supposed to feel bad because some people think you are a bad person.

“You are you. If people don’t like you for who you are… cool. [You can’t come this far] and expect people to love you, no.

“It will influence the people that even love you and they’ll start thinking of you as a competition. You are actually a competition.

“Concerning the Ozo matter, I still feel that…because of the kind of person I am…you should chill.

“You don’t know what anybody has said about you. You cannot lie… you cannot even think about it that Ozo doesn’t love you.”