Coming after President Muhammadu Buhari’s October 22nd speech, Nigerians have taken to social media to hail popular reality star, Michael who starred in ’90 days fiance’ and finally married his aged American lover, Angela.

Taking to social media, Michael reacted to Buhari’s speech which had earlier made Nigerian speechless.

Michael shared a photo of himself and his lover, Angela and captioned it; “Y’all thought i was crazy”, a post which indirectly means; he didn’t make the wrong decision marrying a Caucasian woman (Which is seen as free access to the US).

Reacting to the post, Nigerians hailed him, saying he made the right decision after all.

See some comments below:

“For real, I did think he was crazy! But man saw into the future 😩😂”

“Abi oo 😂😂 I have also started checking all my Facebook messages because of those Indians…so dont be suprised if i am the new Mrs RaJ”

“Omo he wasn’t ooo😂enduring Angela’s madnesss is better than buhari’s”

“Pls any young single lady in Canada, Uk, Australia, USA pls ? I’m a good looking guy and I’m submissive. I can be your Ozo BBNaija “