Actress, Rahama Sadau has reacted to the backlash she got on Twitter after she shared photos of herself in a dress showing her back.

Arewa Twitter NG slammed the Kannywood star for wearing a dress that is “Unislamic” with one of them saying she was wearing “Devil’s dress“.

The argument degenerated into a religious fight as some accused Northerners of being hypocrites. Some even went as far as insulting the Prophet Mohammed.

In a Twitter tread she shared Monday’s evening, Rahma said it is unfortunate that the harmless photos she shared resulted in a religious clash.

She stated that she will not tolerate any form of insult on her religion and Prophet Mohammed. Read her tweets below:

Salam, it’s sad and unfortunate waking up to series of unexpected messages, tags & trends over the harmless pictures i posted. As a human, I laughed at some, frowned against many & disapproved most. To the most unfortunate event, some of these comments took a different dimension.

Having mixed followers,bashing each other’s faiths to the extent of creating trends like “Assistant Allah” (subhanallah), raining curses and some tweeting blasphemous words to our Prophet Muhammad (SAW)- this is the height of it and it stands condemnable and regrettable.

I’m with all sense of sincerity, dissociating myself from such derogatory & hurtful words. To everyone who knows me or follows me, should know I’m not d type that react to anything or embrace advices from social media moral police.But my Prophet & religion is where i draw d line.

Any disrespect to my religion and Prophet regarding those pictures remain condemned and reprobated, not in any way & not on any event. The perpetrators should learn to separate people’s way of life and respect for their faiths.

I remain defender of my Prophet in heart, online and offline. I deeply and sincerely apologized for the unseen circumstances that led to these avoidable, yet regrettable dramas.

It’s in human nature to judge others and act as saint, I appreciate those who felt offended & decided to call me through DM’s, Text messages & phone calls. That’s true love & I’m never taking that for granted. EVER!

Lastly, To the bloggers & everyone that saw a chance to trend, I do not wish for you what you wished upon me. “Live & Let Live”