Governor, El-Rufai’s son, Bashir  has reacted after his loved up photos with his bride-to-be, was greeted with criticism from some Northern Muslims, who described the photos as Haram in Islam.

Responding to the criticism, the governor’s son said that those affected by the photos are stupid.
“If my pictures with my wife do not sit well with some & due to the various unsolicited opinions, I’d just like to use this opportunity to say that they are very stupid,” he wrote.

“If there’s any other way these pictures can make them feel worse than they already do, please let me know. Lmao. Some still haven’t realized it’s not on everyone their false outrage works on.”

One lady who reacted to his post wondered if he will later apologize to those offended by the photos.
“I hope he doesn’t apologize for this sha,” she said.

“I would rather I am beheaded than do that. God forbid. Faceless idiots? Lmao,” El-rufai replied.