Victor Oyegoke, a brother to Olalekan Oyegoke, aka Mayegun Olaoye, the father of gospel singer, Tope Alabi’s first child, Ayomiku, has said their mum told his brother not to marry the singer.

Speaking in an interview with PUNCH, Mr Oyegoke said his mum had prayed and it was revealed to her that Mr Olaoye should not marry a light-skinned woman like Tope.

Oyegoke’s revelation comes after Olaoye had gone public to claim Ayomikun Alabi as his daughter.

Ayomikun replied to his claim by denying Olaoye saying Soji Alabi who is her mum’s current husband is her only father.

Oyegoke said, “My mum said she had prayed about it and it was revealed to her that he should not marry a light-skinned woman (like Tope). But my brother got annoyed with her for saying that and told her not to come to his house again. At a stage.

“Tope was not happy with our mother. Later, she said she had a miscarriage. After some time, she got pregnant again and eventually had Ayomikun.”

Oyegoke also spoke on the reason why Tope changed Ayomikun’s surname.

He said Tope said it was because of the stress she would have to go through when they wanted to travel.

“She said it was because whenever they had to travel, she would have to provide a letter of consent from the child’s father. So, she said she changed her surname to make things easier.

“Even if a man wants to adopt a child, there is a legal process that ought to be followed, particularly when the child’s father is alive.

Ayomikun is now 22 and graduated from Bowen University on November 7.