Temmie Ovwasa, former YBNL signee, a.k.a YBNL Princess who had earlier today taken to micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to call out popular singer and owner of YBNL, Olamide for allegedly destroying her music career, has taken to the same platform to update fans on her relationship with her former boss.

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls that the 26-year-old blamed Olamide for her failed music career during her stay at his record label.

She claimed that in 5 years, she has just 4 singles and 4 videos. Tweeting further, she claims her growth with the label is limited because of their “misogynistic and homophobic” nature.

She wrote on Twitter;

“Omo, it’s YBNL thinking that I’m going to keep quiet after they f**ked me over for nearly 5 years, my voice may not be loud but I fit shout. You don’t give a person hope & snatch it from them. Olamide Adedeji, I will always have your name in my mouth. Silence is not my language,” she wrote in a series of tweets.

“@olamide I did not beg you or reach out to you for a record deal, I was minding my business when you reached out to me. 5 years, 4 singles, 4 videos. Na so you reach where you dey??? Oga I go use you write bestseller since na all of us dey craze. No be only hand that fed you.

“@Olamide How the f**k do you keep a child you brought to Lagos all the way from Ilorin in a house for almost 5 years without allowing her drop anything for 3 years, You rejected all my shows for no f**king reason. And I was nothing but grateful because at least I dey YBNL.”

Few hours after calling out her boss, Temmie who was signed to the YBNL nation in 2016 said she has spoken to him and all issues have been resolved.

“I had a meeting with @Olamide and all issues have been resolved. Still Family, Always,” she wrote.