Sources have disclosed that the Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP) has appointed Aliyu Chakkar as its new “governor of the Lake Chad”.

Recall that the former commander, Goni Maina was killed on December 1 in an air raid jointly conducted by the Nigerian army and the air force.

According to report, the former commander, Maina was hit while having a meeting in Sabon Tumbu around the Lake Chad region.

Sources said the air raid at Ingilwa, Tundun Wulgo, Jubularam and Abbaganaram frindges of the Lake Chad region, also led to the elimination of more than 100 insurgents, “including several high-ranking insurgents’ commanders, foot soldiers and Hisbah police from the ISWAP faction, Abubakar Shekau faction and foreign mercenaries”.

According to a source, Chakkar, upon assuming the new role, “vowed to launch attacks before the end of the month”.

There was a crisis in the group in February when Ba’a Idirisa, son of late Muhammad Yusuf, leader of the group in Nigeria was killed.

Yusuf is the founder of the sect. His son was reportedly killed alongside three other commanders.

The ISWAP leaders, sources had said, were killed for “driving an idea” which was considered too soft for the insurgents.