A Nigerian man has taken to social media to lament as his girlfriend of 8 years suddenly started biting him in the middle of the night with no reasons.

The worried man identified as @MisturSanjay on Twitter said that this happened while his girlfriend unconscious, he further stated that she apologized afterwards. However, the young man has asked for people’s opinion on what to do.

According to him, he said that they bought went shopping and that his girlfriend looked happy and that he gave her 10k to give to her parents for Christmas.

Sharing the photos of his bite marks on Twitter, he wrote; “My girlfriend of 8 years started biting me hard all over in the middle of the night. She bit me multiple times before she was conscious & started begging me. This is a lady I’m planning to marry probably in 2024.

“Experts please, what do you think happened cos I’m worried. Yesterday we still both went for shopping. She bought items close to 24k and she was so happy and excited about it. I gave her 10k to send to her parents for Xmas. And this is how she paid me back. I still don’t understand. Please help me.”

“Tho my ex gf was like this too, she would bite me when she’s about to orgasm & won’t stop till she cums. There was a day she bit my neck so hard that I couldn’t breathe. I begged & begged till I passed out. She woke me up with cold water & apologized. But this one is beyond me”. See photo.