His Grace, Prophet Ekong Ituen is the founder and leader of Christ Deliverance Ministries-{CDM}Lagos. A charismatic preacher with Prophetic Anointing who speaks the mind of God without minding whose ox is gored. In an excerpt culled from a recent interview, he commended the leadership style of Pastors Adeboye and Kumuyi and appealed to our religious leaders to approach issues affecting government with maturity and sense of responsibility.

What is your view about some religious leaders that are fond of criticizing almost every programme and policy of government?

First and foremost, let me start by commending the leadership style of Pastors E.A. Adeboye and W.F. Kumuyi who handles the issue of government in a responsible and diplomatic way. Having followed them for a period of time, I have come to see maturity, sincerity of purpose and clarity in all their dealings.

The fact is that you don’t have to abuse your president when you disagree with his policies. President Buhari may not be a saint but courtesy demands us to accord him that respect as a leader of a Nation.

Abusing and cursing our leaders should be discouraged because it carries negative influence on both the leaders and citizens at large. There is nothing wrong in criticizing some policies of government one may consider not ideal but it should be done in a responsible and constructive manner.

I am appealing to our religious leaders to approach issues of government with high sense of responsibility and keep sentiment out of it. Let them refrain themselves from making inflammatory utterances that promotes conflicts and disunity.