On January 3, a suspected thief raided the home of one Mr. Jibola Onanuga, in the Lekki area of Lagos state, allegedly carting away an SUV and so many other valuables.

However, unbeknownst to the ‘thief’ he was been captured on camera. Jibola, the owner of the home that was raided, has released the CCTV footage and a statement in that regards.

Jibola Onanuga wrote;

” A thief broke into my house in Ilasan Lekki on the 3rd of January and stole my car ..a light blue Toyota Highlander with registration number KRF353FC and so many other valuables.

I have reported the case to the local police station in the area, however we have not made a head way yet… the reason I brought this here. I had cctv camera installed in my house and this captured the face the thief which I have attached to this email.

Stolen SUV


In addition to the car he stole , he stole a laptop, 55 inch smart tv, home theater system , water dispenser, industrial blender , juicer machine , hampers, many bottles of wine , standing fan, DVD player, bag, jacket and other items I am yet to identify.

I believe this thief can be caught.. handed over to the police”

Watch the CCTV footage below