After battling controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky over content theft, Instagram has taken down,  dancer and cross dresser, James Brown ‘s page.

Recall that James Brown called out Bobrisky over threats on his life which were followed by an apology after a back and forth exchange between the duo.

Bobrisky has, however, responded to the new development with James Brown’s page, stressing that he had nothing to do with the sudden disappearance of his page. He further went on about caring for James regardless of their indifference.

Bobrisky wrote;

”Pray nobody will accuse of wat you don’t know dis year, that prayer is deep. People will just sit down and accuse you wrongly, pls have a little conscience sometimes. Ever since have joined ig have never reported anybody page before. Those of you accusing me continue, very soon they will accuse of you of what you know nothing about

How people just sit down and assume amaze me. You don’t know me anyways, keep accusing me wrongly!! I pray you won’t see any situation when somebody will accuse you wrongly!!!”

In another post; He wrote;

All of you must tell me you love me o ! As for u James brown, I love you regardless you are just a baby. Mama still love you 😍. Secondly I need to clear d air, if I ever know about anyone account deleted let God judge me and repay me with evil. I have d purest heart ever !!!!! I can fight with you but not to wish you bad.