Finally, Nigerians have an exciting opportunity to play the new national lottery. The top gaming company, Fortune Games Limited, has opened its doors for online gaming by setting up two exciting national lotteries, GG World Million and GG World Keno.

Lotto Nigeria – Nigeria’s first online lottery! becomes the first online Nigerian lottery. The company behind this success is Fortune Games Limited, which has great experience in the gaming industry. This month, this gaming company made an advancement by opening the first online Nigerian lottery to the world. This milestone is something quite new since no other local company had achieved it.

Fortune Games Limited met all the requirements set by the National Lottery Regulation Commission and was licensed to operate new national lotteries online.

This news comes as an exciting reprieve for people who’ve always wanted to buy their lotteries online. It is now possible to buy tickets and play at home using a mobile phone or a PC.

GG World Million and GG World Keno – How to Play?

There are two exciting online lotteries that you can play – GG World Million and GG World Keno, which offers much better fun and prizes than famous Green Lotto Nigeria.

Playing GG World Keno Online 

This is an exciting fast-paced and engaging online lottery that gives you an opportunity to win great prizes every 4 minutes.

All that you need to do is to pick 1-10 numbers and select a multiplier, then sit back and wait to see if you have won the prize. You have the option of picking the numbers yourself or allowing the system to pick randomly the numbers for you using the ‘quick-pick’ tool.

You can pick up to 10 numbers within the range of 1-70 and then choose your stake. Remember, the higher the stake, the bigger the win you can get.

In this game, you can win up to NGN 100,000,000 with 10 numbers picked with a stake of x10.

Playing GG World Million Online

With the possibility to play from any place at any time, GG World Million gives users a chance to play and win millions. The rules are pretty simple:

You pick your 5 main numbers within a range of 1-50 and then top them with 2 extra numbers from a range of 1-12. You can pick the numbers manually or the system can generate the numbers for you.

The jackpot is NGN 383,500,000 and this lottery offers also lower tiers of prizes.

If you want to know more about the newest Nigerian Lotto – visit the official website Nigeria Lotto online

Don’t be left out of this exciting online lottery. It is extremely simple and the prizes are amazing.