A young girl has reportedly been gang raped by four boys in Obi Local Government Area of Benue State.

This was made known by Benue activist, Ukan Kurugh, on Tuesday. He said he watched a video of the crime but he won’t share it.

According to Kurugh, parents of the suspects are shielding them from being arrested by the police while father of the victim is not willing to speak up.

“I was depressed yesterday when I came about a story and video clip of over 2mins done by one of the 3-4 boys who ganged raped a young girl in Obi LGA of Benue State,” he wrote.

“The parents of the boys are making things difficult for the police by shieding/protrcting them from arrest while the father of the girl is also protecting his own status by not wanting to speak. The clan head of the said village has been very fishy & cunning in the whole matter wanting it closed.

“I will be doing an open letter to the Benue State Governor today pleading with him to mandate the Obi LG chairman to produce those boys for onward prosecution.

Please nobody should ask me for the video because I won’t transfer it to anyone no matter how close we are. Thanks.