Nazareth Jesse, who recently emerged the first female Mayor of Actors Guild of Nigeria (Abuja chapter), has opened up about her most painful heartbreak.

The movie star, during a chat with Inside Nollywood revealed how she had to face several painful heartbreaks and the worse was when she discovered the person she loved dearly was already married.

“Virginity is a wedding present to your husband and not a Valentine’s Day gift to boyfriends; don’t enter your matrimonial home perforated. Don’t make the mistake I made; I thought Val was a sign of love and commitment forever.

“To the young girls, I will like them to know that love is not all about sex, don’t be deceived by gifts and sugar-coated tongues. This happens everyday; men deceiving young girls with fake love. The person that loves you will not demand sex on Valentine’s Day; get to know him and his plans for you before taking any step further.” She said.

“I have suffered several heartbreaks. The worse was when I discovered the person I loved was already married. I got to know when I saw the text message on his phone, and it all ended just like that because of a lie. But I have not given up on love. It is new everyday, especially when I remember God’s word; they are new every morning.” She explained further.