Media personality, Toke Makinwa has warned against the use of ‘dear’ while talking her, because it makes her ‘cringe’ when a younger person use “dear” to address her.

Toke also stressed that the use of “sis and bro” are also abused, and wondered if calling someone by their name is against the Nigerian culture.

Toke Makinwa further insinuated that only her buddies, those in her circle and those living with her are allowed to use “dear” while addressing her.

She tweeted;

Nothing makes me cringe as much as hearing a younger person use “dear” to address me,even worse if we are not friendly, stop using endearing words for people who are not in your circle, who is your “dear”? Use my name or just say hello/hi, you don’t know me that well.

I am not so big on respect but if there’s a good 15 years between us and I am not your buddy, just say hi/hello or use my name, endearments are sometimes too familiar or is it the African in me jumping out, I’m open to this discussion

I’ll pick darling over “dear”. Maybe I just don’t like that word. Again only if we are familiar. Maybe I’m not “western” enough, perhaps I need more westernization

Another one, why do we sis a lot? Is calling someone by their name really against our culture? Why do we like to use sis or bro a lot?

It’s not really about the age but more the “familiarity”, if we are not buddies, in the same circle, living together I’ll just preferred if words of endearments such as “dear” are left outside our interactions