Singer Teni joins in #EndCrazyCharges, laments high rate of bank charges (Video)

Singer Teniola has joined Nigerians to lament on social media to register a complaint against banks and other institutions that they say charge them heftily for almost any reason.

Using the #EndCrazyCharges, a lot of them have complained about the high rate of levies they have to pay for trivial purposes.

The singer who is known for being outspoken did a video in which she complained bitterly about being charged for a reason she is yet to place her hands on. According to her, she had N15,287 in her bank account. But the next time she checked, she had N14,437 left.

By estimation, a sum of N800 was deducted from her account. According to Teni, she does not know the reason for this sudden deduction of money.

With a lamenting voice that was also edged towards being hilarious, she said she was not happy about the deduction. Teni also said that she did not find it funny that she always had to be charged for maintenance of debit card.

The singer clearly stated that she could manage her own debit card well, and so, she did not need the bank to deduct money for that purpose.

See the video below:

The video stirred quite a lot of reactions from fans. Many of them used the avenue to also complain about the high rate of charges. See some comments below:

Iwajayimmigration“Tell them oooo. Each time I’m sent my Nigerian bank statement, I’m like why are there so many different charges.”

Yimiabosede: “Thats one this i hate about my Nigeria account. Why on earth are you charging me for spending my own money like ki lo de…..”

Candyberrymay17th“I tire ooo,na so dem dey charge me too for maintenance of debit card monthly. Abeg who send them?isiro loko do nau.”

Stainlesstee“I swear the crazy charges is really disturbing.”

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