I can’t date a woman who earns less than N250,000 monthly – Solomon Buchi

Life coach Solomon Buchi has stated that he cannot date any woman who earns below N250,000 monthly. He shared a post on Twitter saying that he is a high maintenance and they can be no love from his side for broke women.

His post sparked some reactions on social media with some women tagging him a gold digger, who is looking to live off a woman. Buchi responded saying that if women can say such things then he is free to air his own views as well without being judged harshly.

As far as relationships are concerned, it has become clear that money is a huge factor and the lack of it can easily turn the relationship sour. While no one can blame a man or woman for seeking a rich partner, it is also not completely appropriate to demand a potential partner earn a certain amount before they can be considered. Notwithstanding, it is different strokes for different folks.

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