May Edochie reportedly files N100m lawsuit against Judy Austin

May Edochie slams Judy Austin with N100M lawsuit

There are circulating reports that May Yul Edochie, wife of Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has filed a lawsuit of N100m against his second wife, Judy Austin.

DPA Family Law Clinic, a law firm, via Facebook, shared details about the marital dispute between May Edochie and her husband, Yul Edochie.

The reports suggest that May has filed a divorce petition against her husband, Yul, and has cited Judy as a party involved.

She is reportedly seeking 100 million naira in damages from Judy, accusing her of committing adultery with her husband.

Both Judy and Yul are said to be cognizant of the lawsuit since they have been provided with copies of the suit papers via email, according to the law firm’s claim.

The law firm wrote;

For the avoidance of doubts, May Yul Edochie filed a divorce petition against Yul. She also filed against Judy as a party cited and she is asking for 100 million naira in damages against Judy for adultery with her husband.

Make no mistake about it: Yul and Judy are NOT husband and wife, and cannot be so until Yul and May are divorced. It is a combination of delusion and absurdity for the two to call themselves husband and wife yet. Both Judy and Yul are aware of the lawsuit, having received copies of the suit papers by email”

The law firm also asserted that both Yul and Judy have avoided being served with court documents and are encountering significant legal difficulties, appearing unprepared to handle them.

May has also sought a court order to prevent Yul from entering their former marital home.

According to the Law firm, she took this action due to Yul’s erratic behavior.

Law firm writes;

Surprisingly, both Yul and Judy are avoiding service of the process upon them. The court bailiff has tried so many times to serve them in accordance with the rules of court. But they have evaded service of court process.

Despite the braggadocio and the social media stunts, Yul Edochie and Judy are facing serious legal challenges and they seem ill prepared for them, given the fact that they have been evading service of process. In addition to the substantive petition, May also filed for an order of court restraining Yul from accessing their former matrimonial home.

That application is based on the fact that there are genuine security and safety concerns. Yul’s behavior has been erratic, irrational, aggressive and increasingly threatening. He seems to have been under some influence, the full extent or scope of which we are yet to ascertain. But measures are being taken to protect May and her children. These measures are proportionate to the threats.”

The law firm also reteirated that, last weekend, Yul made an attempt to enter the home, despite all warnings against doing so. However, law enforcement intervened and prevented him from accessing the property, which is now occupied solely by May and her children

After the incident last weekend, according to the Law firm, Yul and Judy posted a video on social media where Judy was seen showering Yul with excessive admiration, referring to him as “Odogwu,” the best in Africa.

The law firm maintained that Judy’s praises of Yul was merely an attempt to boost his ego.

Despite the combination of circumstances at the present time, last weekend, against all advice, Yul attempted to access the home, now occupied alone by May and her children. But he was stopped by the intervention of law enforcement.

He was reminded that henceforth all issues involving his marriage to May and dealings in that regard are subjudice. He should consult his lawyer, when and if he hires one, and be guided by such lawyer.

After the event of last weekend, it was not surprising at all to hear that Yul and Judy would be on social media in a commic display where Judy showers Yul with unfettered adulation, calling him Odogwu, the best in Africa and fountain head. It is totally understandable that he would need such extreme ego massage.”

The law firm added that May is being represented in court by Femi Falana’s Firm and Eculaw Group.

While DPA Family Law Clinic provides support in addition to handling litigation activities for May’s case.

They wrote;

May is represented in court by Femi Falana’s Firm and Eculaw Group. Our Family Law Clinic plays a support role aside from litigation activities”


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