Mohbad: “He was taken home mad” – Naira Marley accused of ruining career of another Ex-signee, DJ Splash

Naira Marley is in the midst of a career storm, with the spotlight glaring at him for all the wrong motives. He's grappling with accusations tied to Mohbad's tragic passing and facing allegations of wrecking the career of another former signee, DJ Splash.

The sensational gossip hub, Gistlover, appears determined to pulling down Nigerian rapper Naira Marley, with its latest exposé, suggesting his alleged involvement in the mental deterioration of his former signee, Aderoju Matthew (Djsplash).

In a comprehensive narrative, Gistlover mentioned that Naira Marley brought the DJ and dancer from Ikotun on board as his in-house DJ following his standout performance in DJ Consequence’s competition around 2020.

The blog contended that DJ Splash initially thrived while residing with Naira Marley and his entourage. However, an abrupt change occurred when he ceased communication with his parents and distanced himself from family and friends. This raised concerns, particularly for his worried mother, who was unable to make contact.

According to Gistlover, on an unexpected day, DJ Splash contacted his elder brother out of nowhere and uttered only two cryptic sentences before abruptly ending the call, asserted that if he were to meet an unfortunate end, Naira Marley should be held accountable, “If I die please hold Naira Marley responsible”

The very next day, DJ Splash made another call, expressing his uncertainty about how he felt. He mentioned that he had been taken somewhere, although he couldn’t recall the exact location.

Gistlover continued by stating that the young DJ eventually managed to provide his mother with the address of his whereabouts. When his mother arrived the following day, she found DJ Splash outside, his belongings strewn about, and he was sleeping on a bench.

The mother requested to speak with Naira Marley, but she was denied access, and they falsely claimed he wasn’t present. Matthew was taken home, and ever since then, his mother has been caring for her son, who has undergone a profound transformation.

The blog reported that DJ Splash has lost his memory of his DJing career, his family, and practically everything from his past. They further mentioned that he underwent a drug test, suspecting an overdose, but it turned out to be something else entirely.

Gistlover went on to reveal that it wasn’t until Matthew’s mother sought spiritual help that she was informed her son had witnessed something he shouldn’t have and had encountered forces beyond his understanding. He was allegedly bound by an oath to keep the secret, which explained his altered state.

Netizens share their thoughts on the damning allegations against Naira Marley.


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