Within Nigeria has garnered handful of Editors who are professionals in their respective jurisdictions, satisfies and engages perfectly with our readers .

Nnanna Ojonubi


Nnanna is an Entertainment and social news writer. A passionate writer who loves to disseminate informative reports on topics bordering on celebrities and lifestyle.. Get in touch with Nnanna for news and other purposes via [email protected]



Adejayan Oluwagbenga Gsong is an award-winning Journalist,Opinion writer and Publisher with varied experience in Nigeria.

His quest for Professional Journalism began while in school where he was the then pioneer president and Editor – in -Chief of the school’s Press Club. He’s a firm believer in media as a weapon of strengthening the Nigeria’s democracy, advance the socio-economic wellbeing, rights of the people, promote and advocate for the good people’s interests, a Journalist that so much believe in conveying the nation on the path of development and social restructuring through vibrant and unbias Journalism.

Get in touch with Adejayan Oluwagbenga Gsong for news and other purposes via [email protected]

Lawal Sodiq Adewale (Chocomilo)


Lawal Sodiq Adewale ( Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo) is an award winning journalist, opinion and feature story writer with vast experience in Nigeria’s media stream.

He is a strong advocate of responsible journalism, believes greatly and respects the rights of the people to informations that are timely, accurate, true and breaking.

His rare approach to societal issues through well crafted opinions made him a toast of national dailies. He believes that just and responsible journalism is the key to nation’s growth. Get in touch with Lawal Sodiq Adewale ( Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo) for news and other purposes via [email protected]

Adeyinka Oluwamayowa


Adeyinka Oluwamayowa is an online entertainment journalist with special interest in music. He’s a revered online Public Relations executive whose campaigns, articles about entertainment, music reviews and opinions have featured on top Nigerian and Ghanaian news and entertainment websites.

Adeyinka, also known as ‘Mr. SEPTIN911’ is one of the most respected critics in the music industry, he is known for his fearless approach and socially conscious messages in his write-ups.

He graduated from Lagos State University (LASU) in 2014, where he studied Mass Communication and majored in Public Relations and Advertising for his first degree.

Get in touch with Adeyinka Oluwamayowa for news and other purposes via [email protected]

Ngere Ify Davies


Ify Davies is a lover of good reads. A thinker. A dreamer. An entrepreneur. A blogger who’s passionate about photography. And likes good food n music.

Get in touch with Davies for news and other purposes via [email protected]



Odunsi is a dynamic online editor, an experienced journalist and social media expert, professional in editing; investigative and features reporting; and ability to drive newsroom activities.

Odunsi embarked on impromptu personal assignment in Jul, 2019 and continuity with Within Nigeria cannot be ascertained.

Get in touch with Odunsi via [email protected] or [email protected]

Aroyehun Olamide


Hi! The name is Olamide, I’m an Entertainment Writer, web designer and a chartered accountant in the making.

A simple guy. I am passionate about listening to music and watching movies. My sense of humour though, errrmmm ….

Get in touch with Olamide for news and other purposes via [email protected]



Deji is an Ace Web Developer, Internet Entrepreneur and Editor with several years of experience in coordinating newsroom activities and Editorial team.

Deji Oke is currently the acting editor in chief of Within Nigeria.

Get in touch with Deji Oke for news and other purposes via [email protected]

Aanu Damilare


Aanu Damilare (Mercien) is a Web Developer with keen interest in blogging.

Aanu is a well know Author who has solely written over 3,000 articles and contributed to over 300 articles across multiple news platforms and blogs.

He owns a news blog and he’s an Associate blogger with some few news platforms and blogs.

His goals in life are simple—to be an established Editor, healthy, productive, to keep writing books for as long as he possibly can and to never be on a flight that makes the news.

Get in touch with Aanu for news and other purposes via [email protected]



OGBENI OPA is a Digital Marketer, Curator and a Public Relations enthusiast. He lives for the art & culture and he also has a thing for upcoming artistes.

He can be contacted via +2348188507835, followed on Twitter & IG @ogbeni_opa



Teekay is a full time writer on Within Nigeria and a part-time IT consultant.

Get in touch with Teekay for news and other purposes via [email protected]



Adebiyi Chioma is a blogger and a creative writer with varied experience in Nigeria media.

She is an English Language graduate. She earned a BA from OAU Ife. And has a Master’s Degree from University of Ibadan.
She loves reporting trending stories.

When she is not glued to her computer screen, she spends time cooking and watching soap operas

You can reach her via [email protected]