Largest Vessels In the World

Ships are great. They carry people, transport goods and equipment, they help fight wars, they transport cars etc. And, yes, they can be really big. When it comes to large ships, the Titanic first comes to our minds. It, certainly, failed to reach its final destination and never made another trip, but there are other super large ships out there still plowing the oceans and delivering goods around the globe.

Well, all those container ships cost millions of dollars, however, if you are looking for something smaller and a bit cheaper, check these great offers on Below is the list of 5 largest container ships in the world most people have never heard of.

5. Mozah

Length: 345 m

Deadweight: 128900 t

Launched: 2008

Flag of: Qatar

Status: in operation


Mozah is the first ship of the Q-Max family of tankers. Designed and built in South Korea. Operated by Qatargas II to transport liquefied natural gas produced in Qatar.

4. Queen Mary II

Length: 345 m

Deadweight: 19189 t

Launched: 2003

Flag of Bermuda

Status: in operation



One of the largest passenger liners in the world. Designed and built by the French company Chantiers de l’Atlantique. This transatlantic cruise ship Queen Mary 2 intended for routine crossings of the Atlantic Ocean and is able to carry up to 2,620 passengers. The ship holds 15 restaurants, casino, the Illuminations theatre, cinema, planetarium and a library.

3. Allure of the Seas

Length: 362 m

Deadweight: 19750 t

Launched: 2009

Flag of the Bahamas

Status: in operation

Allure of the Seas is a cruise ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International. The ship holds a dance hall, a theatre which can accommodate 1,380 people, 25 restaurants including Starbucks and even an ice skating rink. Muralist Clarissa Parish extensively decorated many of the ship’s interiors. Allure of the Seas is capable of carrying 6296 people.

2. Seawise Giant

Length: 458.5 m

Deadweight: 564,763 tons

Launched: 1979

Flag of: Sierra Leone (last country of registration)

Status: scrapped



Seawise Giant was built by Sumitomo Heavy Industries in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan. Until recently, it was the longest ship in history. The vessel was so big, that was incapable of navigating either the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal or the English Channel. During the Iran-Iraq war in 1988, the ship was seriously damaged and sank but was later salvaged and put back for further service. In 2009, the Giant set off on its last journey to India, where it was subsequently dismantled for scrap.

1. Prelude FLNG

Length: 488 m

Deadweight: 600,000 t

Launched: only the hull, 2013

Flag: not yet received

Status: under construction
The Prelude is one of the largest floating liquefied natural gas platforms, which was built by South Korean Samsung Heavy Industries for a group of companies as Royal Dutch Shell, KOGAS and Inpex. The Prelude FLNG system was built to reduce costs and removes the need for long pipelines to land-based LNG processing plants. It will be used in the gas fields near Australia.

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