You Can Now Cook Rice While Driving Your Car, Audi A8 5.5 Has Considered the Foodies

The Audi A8 5.5 gets its name from 5(five) Go and 0.5(half) Han, coming from the term “gohan”, which means rice in Japanese.

Audi A8 5.5 comes equipped with a rear console-mounted rice cooker designed specifically for the full-size luxury sedan that can cook the “perfect rice ever” thanks to its intense heat convection inside the Japanese rice cooking pot called Hagama.

The owner can use an onboard touchscreen menu panel to select from various cooking options while an Audi-branded rice paddle will come bundled but only for a limited amount of time. Pricing hasn’t been disclosed but Audi says the A8 5.5 will be commercialized only in Japan.




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  1. Jordan Edet says

    Wonder shall never end

  2. MC Pencil Light I says

    OK,we no cook food for on ride we dey misbehave for naija

  3. Bawa Adams says

    U can now be cooking and driving to your death

  4. Dabakh Malick Ceesay says

    The designer must be a Nigerian lol…Niger man with food??

  5. Eunice Funmilayo Emakpor says

    Oyinbo loma payin tan.nitori won mope eyan dudu feran nkan asiko.omase oo

  6. Oliseh Chika Elder says

    ? hahahah dats good

  7. Olatunde Sodunke says

    So u think car manufacturers are fools right?

  8. Okonji Moses Iwebunor says

    Of what use is that?

  9. Peace Chukwuebuka says

    Maybe in developed countries not in developing country like Nigeria where poor road networking is sources of big income to a legitimate ones in power.

  10. Prozper Nwokeji says

    Only rice ?
    What of fufu!

  11. Chiwetalu Ferdinand says

    Our women will cook soup in it and make the car to smell ogiri

  12. David Abam says

    Rice the burn, trailer the come, ??I foresee accident ??

  13. Not applicable to Nigerian road, where roads are full of holes and ditches, how rice no go pour away from cooker, and beside can I Cook other foods in it, like ifokore elede, edikiakong, aban soup, bitterleaf soup, marugbo soap, eforiro elemi meje, asaro elepo rederede, pls Audi company, I need answer to this!!! Thank u

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