Revolution and Consequences: Will Sowore survive the storms?

Any call for revolution beyond election in unorganized and illiterate societies where greedy people live like Nigeria would only amount to violence, war and hunger. “Revolutions do not contribute to the promotion of liberty, they merely generate a new ruling class or oligarchy, stronger armed forces and more war-involvement”.

For every action, there will be consequences. No matter how little it might be as far it frustrates processes. The cost of liberty is very expensive, demanding but the result is not always fair yet we have people who ignore visible signs to pursue freedom and break away chains of ‘supposed slavery’ and later end up as casualties or products of consequences.

They feel bittered about disservice rendered to people, abuse of rights and arbitrary use of power. They have been beated, heated and compressed to an extent that they see consequences as distorted packs of card. These people are everywhere, they can be found in schools, hospitals, workplaces, ministries, parastatals and countries. We call them ‘genuine comrades‘.

Few months ago, when I watched the video clip where Omoyele Sowore declared ‘revolution’, the anguish Nigerian part of me nodded in affirmative of his declaration but I had to listen quite well to confirm what I heard. Revolution? “To be done few months after general election, to be led by a presidential candidate of a political party who suffered electoral misfortune at the polls and revolutionary protests to be carried out in major states yet we thought the camp who sacrificed moral values to win just concluded election would respond in a positive way”.

Truly, the diminishing state of the county deserves a revolutionary call. Only people who move around the ‘dying nation’ know better why revolution is essential. Despite the richness of its soil, average Nigerian kids have no access to food, clean water and shelter. Citizens pay to be educated, justice is meant for the rich and political class, arbitrary use of power, authorities created to protect now attack, insecurity at its peak, lawmakers recieve bogus salaries for “mere talks”, public officers siphon projects fund, politicians do not use hospitals they build for the people and the ‘sore’ mentality of corruption. Undoubtedly, what we have faced as Nigerians, if citizens of other nations face similar woeful tales, such nation would cease to exist.

In one of my articles, I have once suggested ‘Political revolution’ for any desirable element who wants to serve Nigeria genuinely but unfortunately, it is not the key. The architectural design of a ‘Nigerian brain’ is weak and could be easily subjected to ‘monetary ridicule’. Brilliant manifestos, good characters and intelligence are no longer factors considered in electing a leader. I have seen a situation where candidates sink boreholes, distribute scholarships and more yet they lose elections because their opponents decide to spend lavishly on election day. Political revolution is simply not the key.

Omoyele Sowore is an instrument of the rich-political circle. Although you can not take away the sympathy he has for the poor and feeble ones through visible and clear agitations especially intervention on campuses yet he is a political activist turned politician. This is not a mere allegation, it’s evident. The viral video on Sahara Reporters TV where Sowore is seen celebrating the victory of President Buhari and Prof. Yemi Osinbajo in 2015 and how he was praised for his contributions in knocking President Jonathan’s administration out of power. What could have made the relationship between the duo gone ‘sour’? Could it be political opportunities or funds?

Irrespective of whatever it is, I have no doubt that the cluelessness of Buhari’s administration to chart a way that would stabilise the economy of the country is really frustrating and no Nigerian who benefits nothing from this government would watch helplessly. Hundreds of protests, thousands of critical articles and hunreds of appeals could not change the retrogressive gear at which the nation is moving. Hence, the call for revolution is germane but the bulk of it all depends on the ‘lead facilitator’. Revolution is different from street protests. It is a battle of wits, intelligence and patience. Processes of revolution should be strategically laid down, properly defined and the ‘lead facilitator’ needs more brains than noise.

I could not hold my laughter when Sowore declared that 85% of Nigerians are calling for revolution. Where, how and when? That such statement is uttered by a candidate who pulled less than 100,000 votes in a country of millions of eligible voters is never an issue but making such false declaration is just a journey to the past we’re leaving. Any call for revolution beyond election in unorganized and illiterate societies where greedy people live like Nigeria would only amount to violence, war and hunger. “Revolutions do not contribute to the promotion of liberty, they merely generate a new ruling class or oligarchy, stronger armed forces and more war-involvement”.

The best form of peaceful revolution is election. Sowore and league of others if truly they have no interest in generating another ruling class should invest in the people. Enlightenment and extension of voters education to eligible voters and citizens at large. Sensible and working coalition should be formed and people at the rural and deeper areas where they only know about government during elections should be reached out too. Elections are won with structures, a very strong one which takes time to form.

Sowore is lucky. He only spent 54 days in detention. He was well represented at the court and granted bail by the virtue of self recognition. Did I just say lucky? Dasuki, El-zakzaky and others were once lucky. Sowore suffered less pain in the hands of a man who was booted away office with coup as a head of state. Justice Taiwo Taiwo has granted Sowore’s bail and this is the first step to survival while count charges are still active. If Buhari decides to float court orders and keeps Sowore in detention till he completes his tenure because he does not want repetition of the past, then we all have to pray that Sowore survives the storm. What do Sowore and his group of orange berets have in stock to wage war with the man older than all of us in Nigeria?

Lawal Sodiq Adewale (Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo) is a freelance opinion writer and can be contacted via 08164411922 or [email protected]

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